KCCoC Announcement

  • Korean Cultural Center of Chicago is a not-for-profit organization with these purposes:
    (1) to discover, preserve, and develop Korean immigrants’ history and Korean cultural legacies in the United States,
    (2) to enhance the understanding of the Korean culture’s uniqueness by propagating and educating Korean culture to Korean descendants and other peoples,
    (3) to serve as the center for cooperation among all Korean-Americans and their organizations, and
    (4) to support cultural exchange and networking between Korea and the United States and conduct and facilitate any other cultural and peaceful activities.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago (KCCoC) is to promote and organize Korean cultural, arts, educational, and social activities.
    KCCoC aims to establish a venue where all Korean Americans and other groups can participate in programs and events that celebrate Korean culture and heritage. Hence, KCCoC seeks to improve the understanding of Korean Americans through its diverse educational programs and unique cultural activities.
    KCCoC strongly encourages cross-cultural understanding that can embrace and empower all people to coexist peacefully.