English Book Club Meeting

Our upcoming April Book Club Meeting as follows:

Title: Gone girl, by Gillian Flynn

Leader: Poonja Lee

Time: April 6 (Sat), 10 AM - 12 PM

This Book Club reads books written in English, and can discuss in English.

You can get this book on your own or from your local public libraries.

This Book Club meets every other month’s first Saturday

at 10 AM through 12 PM.

Book list and later dates will be posted soon.

For more information, ask by calling KCCoC at 847-947-4460 or see KCCoC

website, http://www.kccoc.org for the latest updates.

KCCoC 9930 S. Capitol Dr. Wheeling, IL. 60090

DOWNLOAD PDF: EnglishBookClubMeeting[1].pdf